Wisconsin Girl Sacrificed on Fundamentalist Altar

An eleven year old girl in Wisconsin is not going to have a chance to play in the spring sun today. Why? She died of diabetic shock because her fundamentalist parents refused to seek insulin treatment for her. They attributed her death to the failure of their month long prayer ritual and “apparently they didn’t have enough faith.” Lucky for them, in the state of Wisconsin if your fundamentalist religious beliefs are so inclined you are allowed to deny your diabetic daughter insulin and let her die in an insulin induced coma as your prayers go unheard. This is a great and free country, huh!

As a parent I find this behavior is shocking and it stiffens my resolve to continue the fight against all fundamentalist sects, be they Christian, Judaic or Islamic and all of the proponents of the Intelligent Design Pseudo-Theory. I would do anything to protect my children and to watch another parent shun help and allow their child to die because of their religious pride is perhaps the greatest sin a parent can perpetuate upon their offspring. That to me is the very definition of child abuse and in essence, that girl was sacrificed to a god in much the same manner as any human sacrifice in a bygone pagan ritual.

We have a planet inhabited by 7 billion people, by far the greatest monoculture of large animals ever assembled in the history of this planet. Any scientist will tell you that a monoculture is always ripe for the outbreak of a serious infection. Science got us to this stage in our cultural and agricultural evolution and it will have to keep us here, maybe even give us a fighting chance against the next global pandemic. And yet in the fundamentalist perfect world there would be no teaching of evolution at any level of school. Unfortunately, that very same evolutionary science, and its bastard offspring called genetics, helped us to develop the latest vaccines and medical cures that are the mainstays of our battle against disease.

What scientific triumphs or miracles can be said to have evolved from the teaching of Intelligent Design? Nothing, it just exists to oppose evolution, there are no hypothesis or verifiable actions springing from its teaching. Some of the Creationist Intelligent design papers I have seen included a study of the six days of creation and when various life forms were introduced by god during the days of the week. This rigorous scientific evaluation consisted of let’s see, if its Tuesday its time for algae to appear! If we just relied on the old “god did it” theory that the Intelligent design crowd is so enamored with we would soon be dealing with plaques and a host of other horrid diseases of an untold magnitude. And, oh yes, the fundamentalists would be reminding us that this was God’s revenge on the sinful and was foreseen by the Bible.

Fundamentalists may ignore science at their own peril but please don’t risk my children’s health and future because of your fundamentalist insistence on ignorance. Moreover, I remind religious fundamentalists that you have ample opportunity to teach your ignorance to your children within your own Sunday school walls. You wouldn’t expect a biologist to come in and ask for equal time to teach evolution at your Sunday school now would you? Of course not and I would fight for your right to oppose such an intervention. But please do not allow your ignorant belief system to spill into the public school system. We need all the bright minds we can get in this country and you never know where the next scientific genius is going come from.

Here is my question to you? Should we forgive or punish the parents of that girl? As a Christian you might be inclined to think and feel that the parents have suffered enough. I remember the words of one of the Amish mothers that recently lost a daughter to a deranged gun man. She was there to console the family of the gun man and people couldn’t understand her charitable behavior to the family. To paraphrase, she said to them “you have to forgive to be forgiven.” Beautiful words, in my estimation, the very essence and all that is good in Christianity.

But what if I told you, hypothetically that is, that one of the remaining three girls in that family was also diabetic like her sister. Do we and the authorities allow the second child to die on the altar of ignorance once again? What do you think?

(Latest news is that the authorities decided to remove the other three children to be on the safe side.)


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