No VP Debate: Sarah Palin Exudes Soccer Mom Values

Watching the latest debate was like déjà vu all over again.  Once again, Sarah Palin was lighter than a feather, all fluff, no substance and not an original thought in her pretty little head.  Not to worry though, Sarah’s got values say her fans.  Sort of like the latest NFL thug who after getting arrested has the fans saying you can’t suspend him, he’s got skills!

And, Joe doesn’t get off the hook either for this snore fest.  As I stated before, Joe has lost a bit on his fastball, witness how he tried to “characterized” John McCain.  Thought for a moment he was having a stroke but Joe Biden soon recovered to “bore again”.

So what’s the final scorecard on Sarah?

Round 3:  The VP  Debate

Here are my running comments as this debate bores on:

Some sample Sarah comments: “They don’t like America!” she said of foreign oil producers.  Well, they like our money.  About global warming, “Climate change is occurring but there are cyclical changes.” (paraphrase)  She doesn’t want to argue about it , but we got to “clean up the problem”. Huh?

Sarah’s answers are a long, rambling, run-on sentences, I mean does this woman ever take a breathe? Please, get some oxygen to your brain, Sarah! Take a  breath will you?

Same sex couples?  She’ll be tolerant and, get this, she digs diversity! She doesn’t support anything but one man and one woman. But then again Joe and Obama weaseled out on the gay issue.

As to Iraq, remember that Bush money pit? “We got to win in Iraq” and then it’s off to Afghanistan, she said. Who’s Talibbany by the way?  Iran, guess what, no nukes says Sarah. Why?  They hate America! Okay but where’s the beef?  And don’t bother looking Joe’s way.  He and Obama look like they are content to run the clock out thinking they have a lead. Hey, there are 30 plus day left in the election!

So far, no major faux pas from Sarah but I think I fell asleep at one point.  Boring!  But nuclear weaponry sounds so annoying coming from her.  Still, better that Bush’s pronunciation of nu-cu-ler.

I think the audience either passed out or left the debate out of indifference it was so quiet. I’m not into the moderator, Gwen either.  I understand she is a black conservative but hey she’s boring.  Think there’s a common thread here?  Where’s Tina Fey when you need her or for that matter Hillary?

Oh no, Sarah’s pushing that Washington outsider crap.  Please you’re a politician, that’s the very definition of an insider. Opps, did she just make a comment about changing the VP role?  Who does she think she is? Dick Cheney?

Oh no, Joe just had another senior moment, he seems to skip every so often like an old warped record! Ah, he just restarted and is attacking McCain’s maverick credentials! Good for him, I thought we would have to ge the paddles out to resuscitate him.  Then at one point Joe gets verklemptwhen talking about raising his family.  Way to show your softer side Joe!

Final comments:

Sarah is going to fight for the middle class! We are blessed and she is proud to be an American. Yikes, what a cliche fest!

As for Joe…zzzzzzzz

That’s it?  No knock out but are Sarah’s scoccer Mom values enough as we near a financial meltdown?

Round 2: Katie Couric Interview

I sat down sat again with my wife to watch the Sarah Palin interview with Katie Couric. As Sarah mumbled a bizarre answer, my wife turned to me and said “What the hell? What a dope!”

I had to agree, it was another embarrassing train wreck of an interview. The woman can’t put two thoughts together, never mind express them in a coherent fashion. As Sarah was talking or should I say stumbling, I was saying to myself, okay this is how you should respond. Instead she gave a long rambling, incoherent commentary about Alaska, national security and her Russian neighbor. Then I had my epiphany: Sarah’s like Dan Quayle, only not as pretty. Really, it was Dan Quayle and losing one’s mind speech all over again. Doesn’t matter though, neo-cons like Silly little Freak still love Sarah because she has “values”. I just guess that intelligence is not one of those shared values. No wonder why this country is sinking so fast!

I am not saying Sarah is stupid like George Bush stupid, really somebody please do a brain scan on him, but she was clearly coached and if I was Vladimir Putin I would definitely want to invite her to my next poker party. If Bush got all weepy looking into Putin’s eyes you can only imagine what Palin’s response will be to the Russian dictator.

So what of Sarah Palin and her religious beliefs? Well, five to six years ago she was a member of a Pentecostal church, the Assembly of God to be exact. Now these rocket scientists believe in a literal bible, talking in tongues, faith healing and, how can we forget, the ever popular end-of-times. We have had so many end of times I don’t were to begin. This type of inspired lunacy leads to such clear thinking as “it’s God’s will that is being done in Iraq.” Funny, I thought that was the work of a mediocre son looking to clear his daddy’s historical record but, hey, what the hell do I know? I mean we went in there to separate those heathens from the WMD’s right? Eh, okay the weapons weren’t there but we did bring freedom to the Iraqis, right? You know freedom from boredom as the local militia executes the men in your family but hey that’s God’s plan and you can’t argue about the big picture, right?

The good news is that God’s plans are not just relegated to simple matters of war. No way! Did you know that a new pipe line is a task from God? Me, I was thinking Exxon-Mobil but I guess I think way too small. Really, Palin said this. God’s will is to be done developing our natural resources, never mind all we are doing is feeding a nasty oil habit and that the sooner we can move to something alternative the sooner we can tell the idiots in the Middle East what they can do with their oil.  Ask Sarah about Creationism and she’ll reply sure Creationism should be taught in school!  We don’t have a lick of proof that it can’t stand up to rigorous scientific review but hell proof didn’t stop us from invading Iraq.

Round 1: Charlie Gibson Interview

Being independently minded, I sat with my wife and we watched the first interview on ABC first hand before anybody had an opportunity to tell us how to think about the interview. I’m sorry but as I sat there I found it be both embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch. I replayed it several times on the DVR watching their facial expressions and their body language and it reeked of pure train wreck! Charlie looked like a pained, almost constipated school teacher and Sarah Palin resembled the proverbial moose caught in the headlights.

I’m sorry but the look on her face was priceless. It’s amazing how the Ben Stein fundamentalist creationist crowd regurgitates everything that is thrown at it by the cynical Republican conservatives, by the way the very same conservative wing that was all but ready to throw McCain under the bus. Then McCain goes out and drafts the fundamentalist Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential trophy candidate and she say goes around saying “god tasked us to do this and god speaks to us” and the next thing you know McCain is called “McBrilliant” by the vicodin-laden gas bag named Rush Limbaugh.

The Sarah Palin Files:

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9 Responses to “No VP Debate: Sarah Palin Exudes Soccer Mom Values”

  1. October 3, 2008 at 2:27 am

    McCain, No Maverick.

    Im sorry but Sarah Palin is not smart. I feel bad for her. She is killing herself and embarrassing us…

    Killing the Republican party, Embarrassing, Joe Biden is holding back his laughter and shaking his head in shame.

    Sarah, Sarah…

  2. October 3, 2008 at 2:39 am

    Be afraid, very afraid…why? Can you imagine Sarah with Putin?

  3. 3 Diana
    October 22, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    No, Sarah is no “Hilary Clinton.” Thank God! She’s a red-blooded, all American woman with traditional values, and we NEED her! As for Erik, even worse, can you imagine Obama with Putin?

    Could Obama do worse than Bush did after W gazed into Putin’s eyes? Talk about weepy. – Erik John Bertel

  4. 4 Eric from Missouri
    October 22, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    Weird. Every insult you throw at Sarah applies equally to Obama. Minus the sexism, I guess.

    Stop the Hate.

  5. 5 Tim Hardison
    October 22, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    It is amazing how people can listen to Sarah Palin and then write such foolish comments as those above. I do not you educational level, but your democratic leanings are remarkably clear. The questions that were asked of Gov. Palin by both of your ‘expert journalist’ were silly and really not worth an answer. What does she read to stay informed, as if Alaskans do not have access to TV, the internet, or any other source of information. What Supreme Court decision did she disagree with? What relavemce does that question have with regards to the election. There are countless decisions that many people disagree with, Roe v. Wade being a major one. But, can you name them off the top of your head? Plessy v. Ferguson was a stupid decison, but I bet half the people asked could not even tell you what the decision in that case was. Get a clue and understand that just because Sarah is a bright, intelligent, conservative, you do not have to attack her. Every negative thing you say here about her is multiplied by 10 when it comes to the democratice standard carrier. Obama is not half as qualified as Dan Quayle to even be a VP, much less the President.

  6. 6 Gloria
    October 22, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    Dear Flores Girl: By the way, I dare you to publish the below on this on this site of yours! I don’t think you have the brass ….. to do it!

    I am writing this so U can make some money from this Blog of yours. I and more American women then you can begin to count realize all of your like (pro-abortion) supporters, who by the way simply feel guilty for killing their own human fetuses by the acts of having their (insert yucky details regarding an abortion – EJB); can you? Even our so called comrade in arms that created the Roe vs Wade Decision now regrets her decision. She has seen the light and you feel guilty and attempt to rationalize your guilt by attacking another human being without cause! Shame on you!

    (Not quite sure what the purpose of this commentary was but I guess it was a anti-abortion diatribe in support of Sarah. Never ceases to amaze me how most of the anti-abortion crowd gets apoplectic about killing babies but has no problem with sending eighteen year-old kids to a meat grinder like Vietnam or Iraq. Totally inconsistent world view at least from my point of view. Same too with most liberals who never for a moment consider abortion to be killing. Consistency people, that is all that I ask of you! As to making money, show me the money will ya! – Erik John Bertel)

  7. 7 Julius
    October 22, 2008 at 9:00 pm


    You have got be be both blind and deaf to believe that Obama would not be a formidable for in talks with Putin. Some of you sarah paling lovers feel the rain on your face and say how brightly the sun is shining and how dry I feel today. Duh!

  8. October 24, 2008 at 1:57 am

    I have been getting a lot of that Fox crowd in here lately. Kind of scary and what is amazing is that most of them can’t stand McCain, that is until Obama came along.

    While we are having a meeting of the minds, let’s take a poll and let’s discuss the great job W has did with this country. What? Nothing to say? Now get out of here and go earn some money for the bailout.

    Erik John Bertel

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