Put Bernie Madoff On Trial and Expose the Roaches!

No, no, no, is my response to the news that Bernie Madoff is working on a plea deal that will spare his family fortune for his wife and children while keeping him from going to trial. Frankly, I don’t care if his family ends up homeless and lives in a cardboard box after what he did with his $50 billion Ponzi scheme. There are millions of honest Americans facing that prospect so why should Bernie’s family escape such a daunting prospect? What is really interesting is that the government is even considering such a deal. The argument is you save the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars and you can wrap this up in a nice tidy little package. Wrap this up for whom and why do we want a tidy little package?

What crock of @#! and this is almost as bad as the idiot magistrate that allowed this bastard to stay in his penthouse. You remember how the argument went right? As long as Madoff wasn’t a threat to himself or the community his bail wasn’t about to be revoked as per the ruling of his royal moron Federal Magistrate Ronald Ellis. Hello, how about the fact that the freaking weasel was still stealing and hiding millions of dollars worth of checks while he was in his penthouse? Could Ellis be that clueless, which I doubt or was there a deal already in place?

Now the fact the government would even entertain a plea agreement with Madoff tells you something. Public prosecutors build their entire political careers on high profile prosecutions like this, just ask Rudy Giuliani and his prosecution of the Five Crime Families. These guys live for these opportunities yet these bozos are entertaining a plea deal from Madoff. Why?

Okay, we know what Bernie Madoff is hoping to get from this deal but why would the government entertain this plea deal? Because they get to close this ugly incident quickly and months from now we will see a report from some anonymous bureaucrats outlining the financial system’s failings that nobody will read and worse they will give recommendations that both the politicians and the media will blithely ignore. Time heals all wounds even a $50 billion goring.

People wake up and smell the roaches, will ya? In college I remember helping somebody moving a refrigerator and I saw out of the corner of my eye a single roach scurrying for cover. I didn’t give the singular roach a second thought, not being particularly squeamish but as we rocked the fridge to get it on a hand truck a tsunami of cockroaches poured out from the freezer. It was an amazing sight and I never moved so fast to avoid the damn vermin. Bottom-line, when you see one roach there are usually thousands more and so it is with Bernie Madoff and his ilk.

We need to shine a light on the crooks and to keep looking for more roaches but instead we get nothing but such stupid commentaries from the politicians as to what a creep Bernie Madoff is. Really, I didn’t know that if somebody steals $50 billion dollars from investors he can be considered a scumbag, did you? Of course, the more insightful observation would have been is how did Madoff go undetected for so long? Why did the system fail and who were his accomplices? Who ran the regulatory agencies that oversee the likes of Bernie Madoff and who is getting fired for their failure to protect the public interest? ANYBODY? Feel to insert sounds of silence here.

Where is the outrage from Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives alike? How come we never heard anything from the gasbag Rush Limbaugh? Is it because Bernie was his neighbor and they shared a vicodin or two together? Guys like Bernie are tearing down the free market system but all we hear is silence from all parties. In a free market system how can we protect investors or is it truly caveat emptor?

Conservatives say we need less regulation and Democrats cry for more so why isn’t somebody getting on the band wagon here, one way or another? Is this going to be like the WMDs in Iraq that we never found and for which nobody was held accountable? Actually, I guarantee you there were more than a few promotions associated with that particular cluster-!@#?. No, they struck a plea deal with Bernie to cover the asses of regulatory agencies and the politicos alike. This is a hush job at the highest levels and twenty years from now even more grandiose Ponzi schemes will be allowed to flourish.

Frankly, this plea deal stinks. We need a big noisy, public trial that exposes Bernie, the regulatory agencies and the politicians who went along for this sleazy ride. I want to see Bernie in court wearing one of those adorable prison jump suits and while we are at let’s include the crooks at AIG and Merrill Lynch. Sure there will be more pain but a white wash such as this plea deal will only continue to hide the rot. Moreover, we need to enact laws that if somebody commits suicide because of the loss of his or her’s fortune in such schemes then the Berne Madoffs of the world can be brought up on manslaughter charges. Sometimes I think the Chinese have the right idea when they put their corrupt capitalists to death. Here we just kill poor people that don’t have access to proper legal counsel while hiding the rich roaches and allowing them to breed! Or am I missing the point altogether and have Americans already become financial sheep being lead to the slaughter?

Now, as part of my effort s to strengthen our capitalist system please free to download my free eBook novel Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot. It is truly a free book and a fun read if I do say so myself.


2 Responses to “Put Bernie Madoff On Trial and Expose the Roaches!”

  1. 1 Robin Baron
    March 11, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    Madoff getting a deal will, in my opinion, cause further financial damage and prolong the recession. Until the public sees that OUR GOVERNMENT, which was without question either asleep at the wheel or worse, enforce the existing criminal and civil laws that protect the public, there is no reason on this earth that anyone should have enough confidence in Wall Street, our banking system, the self-regulated-organizations (the “Markets”), or any other vital financial institutions to trust them again. This is very unfortunate because the majority of financial enterprises, businesses, their employees and all of us, are dependent on these institutions operating correctly and with integrity. It is quite apparent that these institutions were not regulated properly or adequately in many critial points. There is no reason to think that sociopathetic criminal masterminds like Mr. Madoff can or should be put in prison so as to rehabilitate them. Absurd! Sociopaths can not be rehabilitated. But more importantly, I see no public benefit from cutting Madoff a deal when that’s weighed against the irrefutable public benefit from a show trial.

    I am not convinced there is a conspiracy at work here but given the circumstances and the global impact of Mr. Madoff’s crimes, it is the government’s duty and obligation to not rest until they/we have discovered the whole truth. Without the truth, there can be no justice. Without the truth, the crime can and will be repeated. Without the truth, we are facing a very long and torturous recovery period. Without public trust, there can not be any lasting recovery. Without the truth being held up to the full light of day, trust can and will not be restored. I would offer a very different way to deal with Mr. Madoff after, of course, he’s been tried and found guilty. He should be put in a stockade right across from the NY Stock exchanges and be can be on display there from 2 hours prior to the openning bell to 2 hours after the closing bell. That is a job for which he is uniquely qualified and that is a punishment that puts the public interest first. No trial? We have a right to know what happened.

    We have a right to expect that whomever committed any criminal or civil offense in Mr. Madoff’s far reaching criminal enterprise will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Whoever did or did not do their job enforcing the laws, regulations, in this and other cases, needs to be called to answer for their inaction. We have a right to demand an appropriate punishment for convicted criminals. The issues, if they exist, must be on display with complete transparency. When justice is not pursued vigorously, we have an obligation to demand to know why and we should not rest until the job is done right. Call your elected officials and make that demand. Do not expect that without your personal action that anything will change. It is your civic duty, it is your country and it is your government BUT if you do not act then you are part of the problem. Expect better. Demand better. Do better. It starts with you. Where are the stockades?

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