You Can’t Read This Blog Entry in Tehran or Iran thanks to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

It has been a while since I wrote but with the Obama administration on the sidelines and the religious clergy trying desperately to stay in control in Iran you can only wonder who will give in first? The clergy and their “brown-shirt” guard or a populist rebellion they seek to decimate?  The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei defended the elections and warned that violent protesters would be dealt with.  Who cares that the violence is mostly the handiwork of his own guard, after all you are combating the twin demons of Israel and the U.S.  What Iranians are learning is that once you hitch your wagons to the clergy, that very same clergy is never quick to give up power.

Is this the corrupt nature of religion at work?  Actually, religion is not the problem but the men who claim to speak for god.  Notice I said men because for the most part few women are afflicted with this particular delusion of grandeur with the sole exception of  Joan of Arc.  Is this because women are smarter or saner than men?  No, it’s just that the men won’t let women play religious leader because they say god didn’t want it so.  Obviously, god has a penis and testicles hence his preference for male spiritual leaders and I guess you can consider this the new glass ceiling for women.

But I digress and of course, none of this nonsense makes sense but logic and religion are kind of anathema to one another.  I just recently had a conversation with a good friend and we enjoy the occasional argument.  He buys  the Fox Network line hook line and sinker but at least he will make good on a occasional money supply argument that I can’t really argue against.  Anyway, he made the point that without religion that most people were essentially morally rudderless and secularist/humanist were the worst offenders.  Besides being baseless, I think you can point to Tehran as an example of where unbridled religious power will get you.  I’ll take the secularists and humanists anytime.  And please don’t point to the communists because communism is a religion onto itself.

Once again there is mess in the Middle East and Americans don’t know how to respond.  When is this country going to wise up, stop acting like a petroleum crack baby and get off the oil habit so we can dry up the oil revenue to these losers?  The formula is simple, no money, no nuclear weapons and then we can blithely ignore these crackpots.  Maybe then the Iranian people can regain control over their destinies rather than be dictated to by these pious nuts and return the clerics back to their mosques where they belong.  Yes, the mess in the Middle East is partly our fault and the sooner we take measures to correct our bad habits then all the better.  The answer is less oil, not more.  The drill baby, drill nonsense just perpetuates this ongoing death spiral.  Besides, did you get a significant discount on domestic oil at the pump lately?  No , right?  Domestic oil gets priced,  how?  Well to market conditions that  are dictated by index fund speculators and OPEC.  Think about it when you buy that new SUV with your $4500 rebate check!


Erik John Bertel

More nonsense…I nearly tossed my cookies when a PETA rep made the comment that Obama was not the Buddha incarnate because Obama swatted and killed a pesky fly during a recent interview.  Get a clue will ya?  He’s a politician from Chicago not an arahant, enuf said!  I don’t know who’s fawning is more sickening:  the current left wing Obama mania or the right wing necromania for anything Reagan?  As to the interview I will say Obama does spends a lot of time on TV much more than Reagan.  He’s a good speaker, I mean he is better to listen to than Bush going “um, duh,” every five seconds but Obama is not that good!

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