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Of Traitors, Terrorists and Secessionists and the Economy: 10 Questions for Obama and McCain

I took a unwanted hiatus from writing this blog for three weeks and upon my return I see that Obama is squarely ahead in the polls.  My feeling about this turn in events is so incredibly ambivalent, I’m not sure what to write.  Frankly, my real wish is to go back to 2000 and to see the true maverick McCain reemerge at some point during this campaign. That sadly is not to be.  Instead, the new conservative/fundamentalist McCain has turned off independent minded voters including Colin Powell but I find it equally difficult to embrace Obama as well. So I am stuck here ruminating about this election as I watch the death throes of the failed Bush presidency exert even more pain on this country. The economy is still tanking albeit not at the perilous rates of the past couple of weeks and everybody is trying to catch their breath.  Both candidates are doing their best to avert attention from the goings on hoping that Americans don’t wise up and start asking some truly tough questions.  Here are just are my ten questions the ones that “Joe the Plumber” missed asking:

1. It appears that Obama was palling around with terrorists but Sarah Palin has a history of partying out with secessionists while saying “God bless” to them at their conventions.  Yet, does anybody care in the mainstream media care or can they be bothered to bring this topic up with her? I don’t know, if you hang around people who hate the US and want to secede from the mainland, well, in my book, that’s just not cool. And to me, that is more important than focusing on whether or no she can see Russia from her backdoor.  All the secessionists want to do is keep the oil for themselves and give every Alaskan a small fortune for just living in that arctic wasteland.  Who do they think they are?  Saudi princes? Don’t they know that free rides are the province of Washington DC and lobbyists?

2. When billions of dollars are lost on Wall Street and none of theses financial troubles are reflected in past quarterly corporate statements does anybody go to jail?

3. Does anybody now know doubt that the precipitous rise in gas prices was driven solely by speculators and all at the expense of the American consumer?  Shouldn’t markets be driven by long term investment rather than short term gain?  What type of behavior are we driving here with the current tax code?

4. Should we continue to give loans to people who sign mortgage paperwork without knowing if they have a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage?  Can’t there be a legal requirement to state this more clearly?  And rather than give these idiots a bail out can’t we just move them to reasonable fix rate mortgage?  Oh yeah, I forogt without the ARM they couldn’t afford the monthly nut in the first place so never mind.

5. Why the hell would Republicans be interested in bringing to the floor a bill that gives corporations a break on their overseas investments?  We haven’t shipped enough American jobs overseas over the past decade? Can anybody question the short-sighted greedy wisdom of these stupid robber barons? How about a tax break for companies keeping manufacturing jobs here?  You know like the 10% funding the Chinese gave their factory owners over the past decade?  Nobody talks about that subsidy do they now? Not as long as we get cheap Chinese crap created by a multitude of dirty coal-powered plants.

6. Drill, baby drill? Hey morons, that newly drilled American oil is still going to be pegged to the market price of OPEC oil so how does that help save me money at the pump?  Plus, there’s not enough oil in the US to make a dent in the overall world market.  We’re like a crack baby when it comes to oil and its time to kick the habit and embrace other technologies including nuclear. Here’s an idea:  let the USA develop new energy technology and we sell it to the rest of the world. Then we don’t have to worry about the Middle East and Russia can go to hell with their oil. And just maybe we’ll have a positive impact on the global warming trend before we are all truly screwed.

7. Socialism sucks but is this new American economy truly reflective of free market capitalism? We all know the answer to that question and that’s without a course in macroeconomics.  After the bailouts how do we get back on track?  And does more profit necessarily mean more American jobs?

8.  Will anybody ever investigate the story of the WMDs in Iraq and our failed intelligence efforts? Or was the intelligence always there but instead was the intelligence actually missing in the Bush White House? Better yet, what the hell truly happened  on 9/11 and why is Osama Bin Laden still free?  How flawed is our current Pakistan foreign policy that we are not even allowed to take a shot at this prick? Are we even looking or do we need him to justify the hundreds of billions spent on defense?

8. After the hundreds of billions, no wait, make that several trillion dollars,  that were spent to bailout out our banking system and to bring democracy to Iraq is 70 billion dollars for bringing health care to all Americans too much to ask for?  Oh, yeah I forgot, that nagging socialism claim.

10. And finally, who did Lehman Brothers hire as their lobbyist firm in Washington?  With all of the hundreds of billions flying about for financial bailouts those guys truly really suck and dropped the ball. Maybe McCain picked them up to run his campagin with his other lobbyist friends.

With Americans both angry and scared who best to trust, the cool smooth talking Obama or the often angry, cranky old guy, McCain? My guess, barring a complete Obama collapse, is the cool reassuring guy.  I’m not convinced that is necessarily a good thing.

By the way have you noticed that with Obama firmly in the lead Hillary is suddenly more involved in his campaign? No sense in being irrelevent for the next four years she must be figuring.


Imagine Sarah Palin and Putin Playing Poker Together

One of the great enjoyments of writing a blog is that you get to interact with people, people you wouldn’t otherwise talk to, never mind notice. Anyway I received another bon mot regarding my comments on the Sarah Palin interview and I found this one very illuminating:

If you knew that “Bush Doctrine” implies more than one policy then Sarah Palin’s reaction to the question (Which is to ask for more clarification) was to be expected and to the point —apparently you don’t so quit sounding so smart D–b-ss!”

Nice try, I know this is the latest conservative spin on Palin’s interview but I’m sorry the look on her face was priceless. It’s amazing how the Ben Stein fundamentalist creationist crowd regurgitates everything that is thrown at it by the cynical Republican conservatives, by the way the very same conservative wing that was all but ready to throw McCain under the bus. Then McCain goes out and drafts the fundamentalist Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential trophy candidate and she say goes around saying “god tasked us to do this and god speaks to us” and the next thing you know McCain is called “McBrilliant” by the vicodin-laden gas bag named Rush Limbaugh.

Anyway, being independently minded, I sat with my wife and we watched the interview on ABC first hand before anybody had an opportunity to tell us how to think about the interview. I’m sorry but as I sat there I found it be both embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch. I replayed it several times on the DVR watching their facial expressions and their body language and it reeked of pure train wreck! Charlie looked like a pained, almost constipated school teacher and Sarah resembled the proverbial moose caught in the headlights.

After the Palin interview reviews were in the conservatives immediately starting sounding like Bill Clinton when Bill went through his bizarre, convoluted explanation of what the word “sex” meant. Frankly, if Sarah knew of an alternative meaning to the “Bush Doctrine” (she didn’t boys and girls), she should have said so forcefully to Charlie instead of looking like a goofy high school kid trying to bluff her way through an essay test. And why didn’t she do that? Because she got caught cramming for her exam, it was so obvious. I am not saying she is stupid like George Bush stupid, really somebody please do a brain scan on him, but she was clearly coached and if I was Vladimir Putin I would definitely want to invite her to my next poker party. If Bush got all weepy looking into Putin’s eyes you can only imagine what Palin’s response will be.

So having seen the interview for myself and being quite capable of thinking for myself, I tell my conservative-fundamentalist friends to go ahead and spin, spin, spin, baby! I saw this lame rebuttal on the internet a day ago before my new friend forwarded it to me. Go ahead and keep regurgitating your tired neo-con world view among yourselves but this crap is not going to work with this independent-minded pundit. You would think after 8 years of Bush people would begin to think for themselves but guess again folks.

Oh, and by the way I’m still leaning toward McCain because I know he is not the right wing ideologue you conservative fundamentalist bozos are so enamored with. Actually I liked the old McCain in 2000 who had no allegiance to the Republican party bosses. Of course, he got swift boated in the Carolina primaries by the present clown in the White House and Bush’s political operatives and sadly, this country has been on downward spiral ever since. Back then, McCain was such a formidable and creditable force for change that even some Democrats were hoping he would switch parties after his defeat in the Republican primaries. This guy in 2008 I barley recognize, especially with all of the lobbyists running his campaign but I have the slim hope if he does get in he is just ornery enough to bite the asses of liberals and conservatives alike. Obama I just don’t have a feel for and frankly I am hesitant to support him but Sarah’s selection as VP now causes me to pause and re-evaluate my thinking.

Why am I concerned? Because McCain is old and Sarah is an all too eager over-achiever who says she is ready but is not. I’m sorry we just had eight years of an intellectually challenged president that said he didn’t read the papers and who went entirely with his gut reaction and just look at the body of work: a five year old war in Iraq with no end in sight and the Muslim fundamentalists threatening to take over both Afghanistan and Pakistan while Bin Laden is still resumed to be alive and well in a cave somewhere. Am I asking too much to have a president that is at least as smart as the bad guys?

So just watch the interview again, Sarah’s facial response to the questioning is very enlightening. She’s as light as a feather, lighter than Obama. That’s great for a Buddhist but that’s lousy for a political leader in these troubled times.

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Sarah Palin: I’m Ready, Then Again Maybe Not

One thing about Sarah she has certainly been a polarizer: you may love her or hate her but you just can’t ignore her.  I had over 700 hits on review of the Gibson-Plain interview the other day and apparently everybody wants to know more about Sarah.  Frankly, I don’t love her or hate her, to me she’s just another mediocrity in the grand political scheme of life.  Furthermore, and despite what her detractors say, she’s is neither a hypocrite or a phony but frankly that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for somebody with presidential aspirations either.

What has been amusing is to watch the Limbaugh conservatives and the fundamentalist fringe of the Republican party fawn over her and rushing to her defense anytime somebody in the liberal media says anything aobut her.  As a politician all you have to do is utter the word “God” and you got this gang melting in the palm of your hand. They are like groupies around a pop star. I really do believe these people are more accepting of, and definitely more comfortable with, a murderous, lecherous but self-professed Christian than they are with a peaceful, law abiding atheist.  They love Sarah for saying Iraq is a task that is from God and if she spoke in tongues in the past so much the better for this crowd.  The fact that we are also fighting religious extremists who also believe they are on a mission from God or Allah seems to escape this simplistic fundamentalist gang but you know it’s never too late to put together an old-fashioned crusade. Oh, yeah, we kind of did that in Iraq, didn’t we?

During the interview Sarah told Charlie “I’m ready.” However, if you are going to look like the proverbial moose in the headlights because of a tough (?) Charlie Gibson question what the hell are you going to do when planes smash into the twin towers?  Why, you’ll look dumbfounded like George Bush did in front of those pre-school kids, of course.  Alright, that’s a bad example but you get my drift. I have to say that at least Sarah Palin is more articulate than George Bush but that’s not saying much when you realize his most common utterance is “um, duh” (I started counted these anytime the president speaks, it helps me to stay awake).  Nor has Sarah shown that she has done much yet. Okay, Obama hasn’t done much either other than a few good speeches but at least he has two years of campaigning and all of that public scrutiny under his belt.

By the way Hillary Clinton continues to actively campaign for Obama in some key battleground states. Not surprisingly, she has drawn a line against making personal attacks on Palin and the Clinton insiders insist she doesn’t want a political cat fight with Sarah. Sarah, of course, when she is not complaining about Hillary’s whining, is nothing but complimentary about Hillary, all the better to steal Hillary’s voters.  So Hillary will attack the Republicans on policy, but nothing personal about Palin. Hillary did defend Obama who has been under attack his “lipstick on a pig” utterance to describe McCain’s tired Bush policies. In case you were retiring in a cave with Bin Laden this past week, the Republicans have accused him of personally insulting Palin.

“Barack has made this clear,” Hillary said. “It was in no way meant as an affront.”  Hmmm, I don’t know, she is doing just enough campaigning to avoid party criticism but not enough to make much of a difference.  Let’s face it, Hillary’s political clock continues to tick and all she can do is hope for a McCain win in November.

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Imagine Sarah Palin and Putin Playing Poker Together

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Sarah Palin and the Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Creationists

It’s funny how life comes full circle to anybody who is paying attention. I started out writing this blog hoping to discuss some of the issues writers face trying in their efforts to get published. Frankly, writing can be a lonely and sometimes unrewarding task and book publishers don’t make the task any easier. A process that is inherently tied to communication can cause the individual to drown in their isolation and consequently I felt talking about such a task could at least ameliorate some of the pain. As I worked with my Flores Girl novel I found that the subject matter of my book was getting some unwarranted attention from a number of cranky creationists. Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot is a cautionary tale about the discovery of a prehistoric dwarf tribe by a pair of scientists and, of course, is a complete work of fiction. Well, that wasn’t good enough for some of my creationist detractors because the title contained the word “god” and made some implicit assumptions about mankind’s evolution and that was enough to illicit some seriously cranky email. And you know how the fundamentalists are all about the written word!

So, seeking revenge and some personal amusement, I decided to go off on that craptacular movie called “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” from Ben Stein. After a while, I became less amused with the blog and tired of the pointless arguments with people who read exactly two books in their lives: the bible and the instruction manual to their trailer home. So after failing to find an Expelled bootleg, I boldly pointed out that nobody cared about ID and creationism since there was a presidential election going on and that a crappy Bush-inspired war economy had everybody more worried about foreclosure. Furthermore, the creationist creeps were going to have a tough time choosing between Obama or McCain since neither one was particularly accommodating to their simplistic world bible views.

Boy, was I wrong on that prognostication! Nostradamus I am not! No sooner did I make that stupid forecast McCain goes out and adds some Alaskan Creationist- Secessionist- Pro-Life-Pro-Gun-MILF to his ticket as his VP, all after an incredibly long vetting process that must have transpired during the duration of a single bowel movement. And I should add that I am a McCain supporter!

So what of Sarah Palin and her religious beliefs? Well, five to six years ago she was a member of a Pentecostal church, the Assembly of God to be exact. Now these rocket scientists believe in a literal bible, talking in tongues, faith healing and, how can we forget, the ever popular end-of-times. We have had so many end of times I don’t were to begin. This type of inspired lunacy leads to such clear thinking as “it’s God’s will that is being done in Iraq.” Funny, I thought that was the work of a mediocre son looking to clear his daddy’s historical record but, hey, what the hell do I know? I mean we went in there to separate those heathens from the WMD’s right? Eh, okay the weapons weren’t there but we did bring freedom to the Iraqis, right? You know freedom from boredom as the local militia executes the men in your family but hey that’s God’s plan and you can’t argue about the big picture, right?

The good news is that God’s plans are not just relegated to simple matters of war. No way! Did you know that a new pipe line is a task from God? Me, I was thinking Exxon-Mobil but I guess I think way too small. Really, Palin said this. God’s will is to be done developing our natural resources, never mind all we are doing is feeding a nasty oil habit and that the sooner we can move to something alternative the sooner we can tell the idiots in the Middle East what they can do with their oil.  Ask Sarah about Creationism and she’ll reply sure Creationism should be taught in school!  We don’t have a lick of proof that it can’t stand up to rigorous scientific review but hell proof didn’t stop us from invading Iraq.

That said, Sarah Palin is not stupid. Unlike Obama, she had the good sense to realize that once she became a mainstream Republican she had to leave behind the small town church that inspired a thousand tongues. In fact, she does not does not consider herself Pentecostal anymore but I do wonder if she feels that God can still be accessed? And what about the view that Alaska is the preferred shelter for Christians in the end-of-times? There has been some talk that she is also anti-Israel but really has she ever met a Jew? Ben Stein for example? I mean really, has she?

All I know is the Expelled crowd is really charged up again and we have McCain to thank for this madness. Soon we’ll get all sorts of new home school and ID initiatives coursing through the mediocre halls of Congress. I’m thinking of voting for Obama now just for spite but damn I don’t want my taxes to go up again! What’s a thinking evolutionist to do? And where is Hillary in all this mess? Can’t she remind women not to cast their vote based on their chromosomes but to vote instead on the issues? After all, who do they think they are? Men? Someday, perhaps after the election, I hope to get back to writing about writing rather than about politics and fundamentalists. And to think, if they had just left me alone this all could have been avoided!

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Sarah Palin the Secessionist Creationist and Hillary

Sarah Palin has made an otherwise dull and dry election a bit more fun for myself and a lot of other people. That’s not necessarily good for the country but is has been amusing and just maybe, I said maybe, more people are turning into the election because of her. Unfortunately what they are going to find is not too savory.

Let’s face it, Sarah Palin has a bit of the redneck trailer park streak within her and that has even inspired the fake photo of her holding a rifle while attired in only a flag inspired bikini. Let’s face it, the very real images of her pregnant daughter holding her momma’s baby is just a little too trailer park for me. If Obama’s kids were like that you could only imagine the verbal backlash from the likes of political thugs such as Rush Limbaugh.

The problem is that McCain’s choice of her as his running mate has put me into a bit of a quandary. I was a supporter of the maverick McCain in 2000 and his move to the right, particularly towards the religious creeps, while leaving me queasy could be shrugged off with the understanding he was just being pragmatic about getting his party’s nomination. Voting for Obama was out of the question because of the whole cult of personality that has gathered about him and his fervent followers. The last time we had such a buzz about a candidate was JFK and frankly other than being killed so tragically young, I am at a loss to understand what the hell he did for this country. I mean for Pete’s sake he almost blundered his way into a nuclear war with the USSR.

In general, I prefer mediocrity in my politicians because mediocrity is less likely to inspire the followers to do such heinous things like purges and gulags. One bad charismatic leader can do much more damage to a people than a string of successive mediocrities. Plus, rightly or wrongly, if Obama should be elected he will be challenged immediately by the likes of Al Qaeda. They are far less likely to immediately challenge McCain, after all this is the guy who sings “Bomb Iran” to the old Beach Boys tune. That doesn’t mean they won’t continue to attack the US, they will just bide their time accordingly and concentrate on Afghanistan and Pakistan first.  And if they put Pakistan into play watch out for India and a real escalation in the old dooms-day clock.

So besides the redneck trailer park thing what is it that I dislike about Palin? Well, she’s another religious fundamentalist and a creationist tool to boot (see, I came full circle in my blog after going on a tangent). Haven’t we had enough years of ignorance in the White House? When Bush was asked about evolution he basically said “I dunno”. This type of uninspired stupidity eventually seeps into our domestic and foreign policy as well. Upon hearing of the 9/11 attacks the administration immediately said we have to counter by attacking Iraq. When reminded by their own people that we were attacked by Al Qaeda elements that were based in Afghanistan, the response was “okay, we attack Afghanistan first, then Iraq second”. I can’t tell you how long it took for the nitwits to realize that were both Sunnis and Shia in Iraq.

Now the good news is that McCain is not a religious ideologue and frankly he has no interest in pursuing their interests. And I do believe if he does get elected there is a good chance he will return to his old maverick ways of embracing the middle road and bipartisan support for his agenda. I don’t think Obama can do that because upon his election I feel a lot of the right will just dig their heels in opposition to anything he does. But what if McCain dies? Do I really want Sarah Palin the Secessionist Creationist as my President? Did you even know she was once a member of a Secessionist party?

What about Sarah Palin the Secessionist Creationist and how come the mainstream media is such a pack of wusses when it comes to discussing this issue? For those uninitiated to the conversation, in Alaska there is a third party called the Alaska Independence Party which has advocated and drafted both a call for a revote on statehood and the establishment of Alaska as an independent republic. Damn, all of these years and I thought the civil war had addressed this statehood issue for once and for all but hey I am not a redneck and  I guess, I think a little differently.  My guess is that some Alaskans want full control over the oil and gas in their state and hate abiding to those damn conservationists in the EPA.  Anyway, Sarah’s good old boy husband joined the party during the nineties and she attended their conference in 1994.  It’s unclear if she was ever a member of the party but in 2006 as Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin spoke to their conference and said “Good luck on a successful and inspiring convention,” she said. “Keep up the good work, and God bless you.”

Sarah’s people will argue that Alaska First movement is more about state rights, you know along the lines of the KKK.  As for me and to quote that great political intellect, “I dunno” and recommend you formulate your own opinions by visited their site at  Maybe I have a libertarian bent but I sure in hell don’t harbor secessionist attitudes as a solution to our problems in the United States. Frankly, when does the word traitor come into play in regards to a state that is in such close proximity to Russia? Is that only reserved for Obama when he talks to old radical political activists from the sixties? 

On the plus,  Sarah Palin, for the most part, is clearly not a phony.  What you see is what you get.  She’s got a grown son in the military heading to Iraq and you know that family is not into birth control of any type!  And speaking of phonies… where the hell is Hillary Clinton in all of this? Why hasn’t she gone on the attack of Palin and galvinized her supporters to back Obama?  Does Lady Macbeth waits in the wings hoping for a McCain win in November as her political clock continues to wind down?  Funny, Dick Morris, who knows more than a little about the Clintons, feels the same way about her plans for this fall election. (Update: Hillary is scheduled to campaign for Obama in Florida.  Let’s see what she has to say about Palin!)   

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Will Hillary Attack Sarah Palin?

Okay, I know I am going off on a tangent after my attempted China intervention but now that McCain has added another trophy wife to his ongoing collection you have to ask what the hell the choice of Sarah Palin was about. If you’re a Republican you might solider on and smirk as you comment what a great choice she was. The cynical will point out this was a blatant effort to grab the disaffected Hillary supporters and to shore up McCain’s sagging conservative credentials. The fact that she has been governor for less than two years for a state that has a smaller population than my local town doesn’t matter I guess. The fact that John McCain has only spoken to her once previously doesn’t matter either. She’s ready to go because John said so!

So how many Hillary supporters will she garner in November? Well, I don’t think the demographics work out other her being a woman. After all, she is pro-life, gun supporting, meat eating conservative, not exactly Hilary’s core constituency. She does pose a big problem for Joe Biden however. Biden gets to debate her and men usually don’t fare well in a debate with a woman. If he presses too hard the press will get on him for being a bully as Palin sheds a few tears a la Hillary. And frankly, after watching Joe talk recently, he has lost a few miles per hour on his fastball!

So Obama has a problem: attack Palin too hard and they will turn a lot of people off. If they don’t attack McCain gets to press his experience advantage over Obama and Obama is relegated to his 4 more years of Bush rhetorical attack.

The answer to the Obama Palin dilemma? Hilary Clinton. If Hilary is a good trooper she can go to the attack, after of course she gives Sarah the obligatory congratulatory phone call. Being a woman, yes we are still a very sexist society if you haven’t figured that out yet, she can really open up the big guns on Sarah pointing out the glaring differences between her and Palin other than, of course, the genitals.

Will Hillary do it? I always agreed with the Lady Macbeth image of Hillary and wonder if she will remain eerily quiet during the campaign in the hope that somehow McCain wins and proves to be another failed extension of the Bush legacy. That way in 2012, at a ripe age of 65, she can return to her party as their savior after Obama fever has died and been given the appropriate postmortem.

In case you think I’m a Obama supporter, well think again. I was enthusiastic back of McCain in 2000 and I feel the country has suffered deeply by going with the idiot Bush. Why? Because McCain was the only politician I know of in modern times that mentioned the root of all government evil and that is political patronage. In 2008 I barely recognize the guy and his selection of Palin leaves me speechless. I had hoped for Romney. Why? Because he could lead the country just like Biden could if events should require. Sure, Romney is a boring white bread suit but there is certain value to a known quantity and he really got a bad rap from the Bible thumpers because he was…yikes a Mormon!

What’s Palin? Even a bigger unknown than Obama. This should get interesting as the harsh glare of the media shines upon her and her first dude husband. And what will Hillary do?

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