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Shimkus: More Global Warming and Fundamentalist Folly

Fundamentalists are not just a threat to the study of evolution and biology but their special brand of ignorance can lead us to extinction. A congressman named Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) shows us how science and Fundamental ignorance can combine for some bad science and unintentional entertainment.   Here’s a quote:

“The Earth will end only when God declares it’s time to be over. Man will not destroy this Earth. This Earth will not be destroyed by a flood… God’s word is infallible, unchanging, perfect.”

Reminds me of the  ignorance in Afghanistan where President Hamid Karzai on Thursday signed into law legislation that okayed the husband’s raping of  their wives.  These are the guys Obama wants us to protect?  Ignorance like this you can’t make up and to think everybody blames the atheists for the sorry state of mankind.

Okay,  so here’s the Shimkus performance:

Last week at a House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment, Shimkus tried to argue that the United States doesn’t need a cap-and-trade system to limit CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. I’m not a fan of cap-and-trade system either but  I do think it was folly years ago to rig the CAFE standards to the benefit of trucks and SUVs. That bit of forward looking thinking worked out so well for our overall energy independence and our auto industry, didn’t it?  Still this particular argument borders on the brain dead and here is Shimkus’s newest take on rapid rise of CO2 in our atmosphere:

SHIMKUS: It’s plant food. … So if we decrease the use of carbon dioxide, are we not taking away plant food from the atmosphere? … So all our good intentions could be for naught. In fact, we could be doing just the opposite of what the people who want to save the world are saying.

Plant food? Even a child knows too much of anything can be bad for you and this is from a member of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment.  Want to know how screwed we really are? Take a gander at this satellite photo showing a chunk of the ice shelf the size of Jamaica separating from the Antarctic and heading out to sea:

But don’t worry it’s part of God’s plan! Why?  Shimkus said so!

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Creationists Fail Science 101 and so goes America

Here is a recent exchange with another ID fan in response to my blog yesterday. This type of thinking really scares the hell out of me for the future of this country as a global technology leader:

“So do the math and by multiplying by millions of years, and use a calculator if you must, to see how the earth is constantly changing over time.”(From my blog-EJB)

“but you are assuming that the area the mountain is in now was once flat. If God created the mountain at a certain height 6,000 years ago then it growing today does not tell us how old the earth is.”  – McCoville, Intelligent Design advocate.

My Response – You’re right if you assume god had a certain sensibility regarding landscaping but the presence of marine fossils on the top of certain mountains indicates that they were once at sea level and with their present rate of accretion that had to be more than 6,000 years ago.

And lets take this out of the realm of the earth for a moment. Look at the lunar landscape with its myriad craters that you can see with your naked eye. Now if you follow the Bible the moon was also created six thousand years ago, actually after the earth on the fourth day according to Genesis and all of those meteorite and asteroid collisions had to occur in that tiny time frame. Why isn’t the earth pockmarked to the degree the moon is? Why? Because those impacts occurred billions of year ago and the forces of atmospheric erosion, which are lacking on the moon, eroded most of their presence on the earth over that time.

If you don’t believe in an old earth you now have to account for the moon being created at a different time before the earth and I don’t believe that is the normal reading of scripture. Or you have to create a scenario in which god bombarded the moon but chose to spare the earth, you know one of “his” miracles. Not to be blasphemous but god was pretty liberal with his miracles during biblical times but you have to admit “his” modern day miracles have kind of paled in comparison. Or just maybe god likes craters and he created the moon that way just to mess with us. Funny, we just witnessed a comet collision with Jupiter during our lifetime though so that thinking is a bit suspect. Kind of convoluted thinking in any case wouldn’t you say? Sorry, you have to face it, the Bible makes for a very poor science book.

My last comment said it all.  Where do these Creationists learn science? Did they just fall asleep during the geology lectures in school or were they never taught any critical thinking because they were home schooled? How do they selectively turn on and off  what they consider true science or do they care?  Do they just listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio?  I don’t get it but almost half of Americans reject evolution. That means half of all Americans are not capable of critical scientific thinking.

Now their comment to me is that I am the one who has been spoon fed and accepted the humanist belief system including Darwinism without my own critical review or personal introspection.  Not true, I spent some time in Catholic School and immediately began discounting everything they taught me the minute I escaped their clutches, including the concepts of heaven and hell.  I did so as I slowly began to find my way in the real world. First, the natural world just did not make sense to me as taught by the priests and nuns.  Furthermore, their shocking abuse of parochial school students as personally observed did not jive with me either.  And while I did not experience the sexual abuse that was inherent in the Catholic School system, I can tell you that nobody, including myself, was exempt from the numerous forms of physical punishment that was perpetuated upon the student body by the clergy.  I can also tell you that celibacy gives you a lot of pent up energy and a certain zeal that needs to be vented upon unwary sinners. In my case, being left-handed I was subjected to regular physical beatings because I had the temerity to use my left-hand to write and draw.  You know, the old school superstition regarding the left-hand being sinistral or evil thinking from the middle ages.

So did I reject god? No, I rejected the men who claim to speak for god.  Every major religion has the stink of man about it and not the rarefied air of  god.  To me, nature speaks more of god than any holy book as interpreted and manipulated by mortal man. So again, I ask what of science in America?

Here was McCovilles response:

“Marine fossils at the top of the mountains…. Noah’s flood. Again, the moon has the marks because that is how God made them, have you seen the meteorites hit the moon or are you taking the words of men by faith that it happened? God’s miracles continue to happen today, you fail to recognize them as such. I never said the Bible was a science book, I only stand by the claim that it is infallible and science continues to agree.”

Should have seen the proverbial flood coming but you can see my response in the blog.   In any case, if 50% of Americans are thinking like this then we are so screwed as a nation.

For those that care my first novel in the Trilogy, Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot, is now available on Amazon for the Kindle Reader at a very reasonable price:


Erik John Bertel


Put Bernie Madoff On Trial and Expose the Roaches!

No, no, no, is my response to the news that Bernie Madoff is working on a plea deal that will spare his family fortune for his wife and children while keeping him from going to trial. Frankly, I don’t care if his family ends up homeless and lives in a cardboard box after what he did with his $50 billion Ponzi scheme. There are millions of honest Americans facing that prospect so why should Bernie’s family escape such a daunting prospect? What is really interesting is that the government is even considering such a deal. The argument is you save the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars and you can wrap this up in a nice tidy little package. Wrap this up for whom and why do we want a tidy little package?

What crock of @#! and this is almost as bad as the idiot magistrate that allowed this bastard to stay in his penthouse. You remember how the argument went right? As long as Madoff wasn’t a threat to himself or the community his bail wasn’t about to be revoked as per the ruling of his royal moron Federal Magistrate Ronald Ellis. Hello, how about the fact that the freaking weasel was still stealing and hiding millions of dollars worth of checks while he was in his penthouse? Could Ellis be that clueless, which I doubt or was there a deal already in place?

Now the fact the government would even entertain a plea agreement with Madoff tells you something. Public prosecutors build their entire political careers on high profile prosecutions like this, just ask Rudy Giuliani and his prosecution of the Five Crime Families. These guys live for these opportunities yet these bozos are entertaining a plea deal from Madoff. Why?

Okay, we know what Bernie Madoff is hoping to get from this deal but why would the government entertain this plea deal? Because they get to close this ugly incident quickly and months from now we will see a report from some anonymous bureaucrats outlining the financial system’s failings that nobody will read and worse they will give recommendations that both the politicians and the media will blithely ignore. Time heals all wounds even a $50 billion goring.

People wake up and smell the roaches, will ya? In college I remember helping somebody moving a refrigerator and I saw out of the corner of my eye a single roach scurrying for cover. I didn’t give the singular roach a second thought, not being particularly squeamish but as we rocked the fridge to get it on a hand truck a tsunami of cockroaches poured out from the freezer. It was an amazing sight and I never moved so fast to avoid the damn vermin. Bottom-line, when you see one roach there are usually thousands more and so it is with Bernie Madoff and his ilk.

We need to shine a light on the crooks and to keep looking for more roaches but instead we get nothing but such stupid commentaries from the politicians as to what a creep Bernie Madoff is. Really, I didn’t know that if somebody steals $50 billion dollars from investors he can be considered a scumbag, did you? Of course, the more insightful observation would have been is how did Madoff go undetected for so long? Why did the system fail and who were his accomplices? Who ran the regulatory agencies that oversee the likes of Bernie Madoff and who is getting fired for their failure to protect the public interest? ANYBODY? Feel to insert sounds of silence here.

Where is the outrage from Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives alike? How come we never heard anything from the gasbag Rush Limbaugh? Is it because Bernie was his neighbor and they shared a vicodin or two together? Guys like Bernie are tearing down the free market system but all we hear is silence from all parties. In a free market system how can we protect investors or is it truly caveat emptor?

Conservatives say we need less regulation and Democrats cry for more so why isn’t somebody getting on the band wagon here, one way or another? Is this going to be like the WMDs in Iraq that we never found and for which nobody was held accountable? Actually, I guarantee you there were more than a few promotions associated with that particular cluster-!@#?. No, they struck a plea deal with Bernie to cover the asses of regulatory agencies and the politicos alike. This is a hush job at the highest levels and twenty years from now even more grandiose Ponzi schemes will be allowed to flourish.

Frankly, this plea deal stinks. We need a big noisy, public trial that exposes Bernie, the regulatory agencies and the politicians who went along for this sleazy ride. I want to see Bernie in court wearing one of those adorable prison jump suits and while we are at let’s include the crooks at AIG and Merrill Lynch. Sure there will be more pain but a white wash such as this plea deal will only continue to hide the rot. Moreover, we need to enact laws that if somebody commits suicide because of the loss of his or her’s fortune in such schemes then the Berne Madoffs of the world can be brought up on manslaughter charges. Sometimes I think the Chinese have the right idea when they put their corrupt capitalists to death. Here we just kill poor people that don’t have access to proper legal counsel while hiding the rich roaches and allowing them to breed! Or am I missing the point altogether and have Americans already become financial sheep being lead to the slaughter?

Now, as part of my effort s to strengthen our capitalist system please free to download my free eBook novel Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot. It is truly a free book and a fun read if I do say so myself.


Caroline Kennedy, Bernie Madoff and the Privileged

Now with Hillary’s confirmation as Secretary of State it won’t be long before Governor Paterson makes his selection for Hillary’s vacated Senate seat. The good new is that Caroline Kennedy is ready to step in. Caroline Kennedy? Isn’t she a recluse like Howard Hughes or something like that? Sure sounds like she is the way she handled her press conference. Well after giving Sarah Palin hell about her Vice Presidential bid I couldn’t give Caroline a pass. After all, if Palin is lighter than a feather what is Caroline? Helium?

Frankly, Caroline’s credentials are truly lacking even for a school board nomination. Consider, she hasn’t held a public office before plus she has never bothered to run before. To make matters worse she hasn’t bothered to vote either. When reminded of her abysmal voting record she thanked the reporter for bringing the matter to her attention. What the hell? Okay, so she got a little Obama fever and lobbied Teddy for him but is that truly a public service? Sound more like she came out of a coma. Bizarre, I think I am more qualified for the Senate seat. Of course, she promised to work really, really hard but hey you can get any 10th grader to say that to their parental units when questioned about a poor grade. I know standards are lacking nowadays in public office but this borders on the ridiculous.

So how can Caroline Kennedy think she has a right to Hillary’s Senate seat? One word: privilege. She’s a Kennedy and we owe it to her; so goes her logic. Because when you are privileged the world does owe you. It’s like getting 8% return year after year. The rest of the hoi polloi may have to ride the uncertainties of the stock market but when you are privileged you get access to the Bernie Madoff’s of the world. Of course, in the real world with that type of thinking comes risk as Bernie takes the privileged to the bank to the tune of $50 billion dollars.

And just as an aside how does that dirt bag get to stay out of jail? I guarantee you if I pass a bad check for $10 my ass is in jail within five minutes as is anyone else. Except, of course for the privileged. Bernie’s privileged. Even that moron judge that ruled Bernie could stay out on bail used the privilege logic. He argued as long Bernie wasn’t a flight risk or posed a threat to society or to himself (like anybody care’s what happens to that dirt bag) Bernie could remain on bail. Hey moron, how about keeping Bernie in jail so that he doesn’t steal anymore? Novel idea, huh?

So Governor Paterson do us all a favor and give the Senate seat to Andrew Cuomo. I mean I think he’s at least voted before and you can send a much needed message to the the privileged. Maybe then they won’t be so easily taken by the Bernie’s of the world. On second thought nominate me, nobody can stand Andrew either.

Final Note: Unbeknown to me as I was writing this blog last night word was being leaked to the press that Caroline was withdrawing her name. Thus I can take neither credit nor blame for her withdraw but some were already giving Caroline an out, as the privileged deserve, saying she was doing so out of concern for Teddy’s health. Others, not so kindly, suggest that she was informed of a change of heart by Governor Paterson possibly over concerns in her background check. Whatever, even with her withdrawal rest assured advocates for the cult personality will continue continue their unwavering support for the likes of Obama, Reagan, any Kennedy and Steve Jobs.


The Dumbing of America: Palin and Joe the Plumber

I think I am witnessing the end of American civilization as I  know it. Americans continues to insist on being fed stupid rhetoric during election time and we come back asking for more from our supposed leaders.

Here is some of the stupid banalities we are being force fed and that we have begun to accept without question:

1. Only God fearing Christians are good and qualified to lead this country. This country was founded by Christian ideals and atheists need not apply. Average Americans act like they never heard of ancient Greece and democracy even though our founding fathers were steeped in the traditions of Socrates and Plato.  Talk about elitists! There is no such thing as a good atheists.

2. Greed and speculation is good and the government should just step out of the way that is until the system collapses of its own corruption.

3. Any foreign diplomatic solution short of war is appeasement and is a failure of the American spirit.

4. If you disagree with me you are not a true American.

5. Fairness is implied because you are born in America.

6. If you think too much you are part of the problem and are probably an elitist/socialist.

7. Only dumb-asses know what is good for Americans and thus are only qualified for leadership.

8. If I can’t have a beer with you or talk to you during my kid’s soccer game you are not qualified to lead.

9. Liberals, atheists and agnostics are all going to hell and need not apply for candidacy.

10. All of the problems with the US are directly attributable to liberals, atheists, illegal immigrants and lazy minorities.

11. With a lot of determination anybody can succeed in the US and become rich.  The American economy is the Lotto of the free enterprise system you just got to play it to win it! If you’re not rich it’s because you ae lazy or you didn’t want it enough.

12. Joe the plumber is an average American who wants to succeed at starting a small business and is not an opportunist.

13. Sarah Palin is a bright and gutsy mavericky politician. No Hillary is she.

14. Congress sucks but not my Congressmen, that’s why I keep reelecting him.

15.  There’s no such thing as political patronage; it’s the lobbyists that are killing this country.

16. My gun protects me from criminals and the government.

17. Republicans are better than Democrats for the economy.

18. Drill baby Drill.

19.  I don’t have to pay more taxes for the Iraq war, the bailouts, rebuilding New Orleans, health care or Social Security.

20. The future is so bright if the elitists would just get out of the way.

21. Politicians can make my life better if they would just listen to me!

22. Obama is the modern day equivalent of a political savior!

Be sure to vote otherwise you have no right to complain about the results!  Otherwise, I am reminded of the old Henrik Ibsen line about “the majority is always wrong; the minority is rarely right.”


Sarah Palin: Diva or Breastfeeding Super-Mom President?

As the election nears its conclusion ugly recriminations have begun to be exchanged within the McCain- Palin camps as to who is to blame for the failures of their campaign. Up to this point we have had Sarah Palin thrust upon us as the All-American Soccer Mom-Politician, sort of a new age take on Mrs. Smith takes on Washington. During her campaigning Sarah railed against Congress, the elite and mainstream media while basking in the light of adoring fans while at the same time breast feeding her son.

Why are such broad brush strokes used to describe Sarah? First, let me say one thing I do recognize about Americans is that we are not big on nuance. Take for instance the McCain supporter who claimed a black Obama supporter carved on the letter “B” on her face the other day. McCain’s Karl Rove operatives were all over the story leaking it to the press only to find out the dumb ass actually carved the letter herself backwards in a mirror. Oh, did she mention it was a dyslexic black Obama supporter? Again, we are not big on nuance and, hence, my somewhat offensive blog article title.

So as Sarah got elevated to Super-Mom status we find out a few ugly facts about McCain’s running mate. First, it was the $150,000 wardrobe makeover she and her family underwent not exactly the clothing allowance of your average soccer mom. This was followed by other rumblings such as this nugget from the McCain camp:

“Her lack of fundamental understanding of some key issues was dramatic,” said another McCain source with direct knowledge of the process to prepare Palin after she was picked. The source said it was probably the “hardest” to get her “up to speed than any candidate in history.”

That was followed by the insinuations that Sarah instead of being “Mrs. Joe” everybody was in fact a Diva not paying attention to the script she was given. It appears Sarah was being a bit like Hillary and playing for 2012 rather than 2008 when it appeared the McCain election was about to be lost.

There are other issues too that are not being addressed by the media and frankly, I don’t know or care if Sarah is nursing her youngest son but do Americans realize that for the first time in American history there is still a remote possibility that we could have an American President that is actually breastfeeding? Besides the prurient aspects of this possibility, this is obviously another nail in the coffin of the stuffy old, white guys who have been running and running down our country for the past two hundred plus years. Much has been made of Obama possibly being the first black president, second if you count Bill Clinton, but we never had a mother running this country and being the “Commander in Chief” before.

Other nations have already had female leaders typically Prime Ministers. These women tended to be older, mature types that had withstood the political winds of their respective countries. Some were maternal, perhaps loving partners to their respective mates but the essence that made them most feminine was long in the past by the time they took office. Face it, Palin is a younger, untried personality much like Obama. Plus, we know scientifically that women are genetically and hormonally different than their males counterparts. Accordingly, women have been treated very differently by Western culture and to some degree negatively. That has changed with the advent of total war and while we have had a prohibition against woman serving in combat units that does not mean they have been in harm’s way, particularly in Iraq, so the political sands have been slowly shifting in favor of women expanding their role in society.

Biden recently made a comment about Obama being tested during his first six months in office. A lot of people have been thinking that about an Obama presidency but Biden said this as a stupid off-the cuff remark that engendered all sort of comebacks from the McCain-Palin camp. But what if McCain wins and one morning several months into his presidency McCain never gets up. Come on, you know he is old enough to peacefully go in the middle of the night, right? Consequently, we would have the untried Palin as President and Commander in Chief of this country. Once she gets in office, terrorists decide to test her because hell that is what they do to any American President. They hold hostage a number of Americans and among the hostages are a number of children. Being a mother does this color her judgment and subsequently alter her tactical response to the situation?

Most people will say what the hell does her gender have to do with any of this? These are the same people who say race has nothing to do with this campaign. Nice brave, politically correct words but we all know differently. For the average African-American you don’t think Obama’s color makes a difference? Did Kennedy make a difference to voting Catholics in 1960? Kennedy’s Catholicism did not make a difference to some Protestants at that time? For the young, first-time voter you don’t think age makes a difference? You’re telling me they don’t think McCain is a fossil who can’t even boot a computer never mind download an MP3? You don’t think Hispanics don’t care that Obama is black? Or for that matter some white Americans don’t think he is a black Arab? Yes, brave politically correct words but not really grounded in the reality of the American electorate and the behavior of people in general. Nuance Alert: I didn’t say all Americans are rednecks but I did say they are human.

This type of fossil, conservative thinking about the ramifications of Palin being President is, of course, negated by the black man’s presence. After all, she is not running as President and Obama is and, for many Palin is clearly the lesser of two possible evils. If she ever got into the Oval office images of her kids playing would abound as she commanders the office of Chief Executive. Think of Kennedy and John John and you’ll scare the hell out of lot of people. Plus she could be breast feeding one of her brood at that time! Really, this is not an issue for the American people? How about America’s enemies? Think about Kennedy playing poker with Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile? Would a mother behave or negotiate differently with a powerful enemy knowing that her child could ultimately be killed by her decisions? What about your enemies who may not be so politically correct? If you’re Putin, do you reconsider annexing Georgia if a nursing mother is running the United States?

On second thought, maybe we need more of that type of maternal thinking in this world? Think about all the wars and stupid bloodshed we have seen started and waged by tired, old white men who were more concerned about their egos and place in history than they were concerned about the fates of their children. And, face it, nobody does total war like tired, old white men. Maybe a mother would be a refreshing change of pace and perhaps their perspective is one that is long overdue in our government? But isn’t Palin’s son serving in Iraq and isn’t she in favor of the war, claiming Iraq is a mission from God? Being a woman hasn’t stopped female suicide bombers, right?

Let’s face it, bringing this breastfeeding issue up is another variation on the old double standard, right and I am being little more than a sexist pig, correct? Nobody mainstream touches this topic but if you Google “Palin breastfeeding” there are over a million hits so Americans are talking about this topic. As to the double standard, hey guys can’t breastfeed and secondly, as I said before, men are very genetically and hormonally different from women despite what political correctness may say about the topic. Nuance Alert: I didn’t say men are better, I just said different. (As a matter of fact, woman are genetically superior to men because of their double-X chromosomes which can make them less susceptible to a variety of sex linked genetic diseases.)

And hello, Americans are still big on double standards. Hillary is allowed to squirt a few crocodile tears when she is being picked on and she didn’t get dinged too bad for her blatant display of womanly emotion. However, if a man was to do that during a campaign, well can you say sayonara to him in the polls? Moreover, we can make all sorts of aspersions about the young black guy being tested early on if he gets elected but we can’t question the nursing mother being tested? I don’t know, I just can’t figure this one out and I guess we’ll just let history take place next week.

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