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Expelled the Movie And the Smell of Death in Wisconsin

Creationists are fond to equate Darwinism with eugenics and fascism as they dangle the fear of Nazi state led eugenics programs in front of the faces of the unsophisticated. Of course, much of the eugenics under the Nazi regime was little more than your old-fashioned garden variety Antisemitism and a variety of other racist beliefs couched in an official pogrom and jargon. It had little to Darwinism but the creationists figure if you throw enough crap about something is bound to stick to someone. The fact that the holocaust was the result of hundreds of years of religious intolerance in Europe just obscures the Expelled crowd’s true agenda. Of course, to blame religion and god for the holocaust is just as absurd as to blame Darwin. Blame the rightful source for this continued desecration of humanity: man’s baser behavior.

Well, now is the time for evolutionists and Darwinists to stick some crap to their Intelligent Design dogma. So to all of my creationists friends by all means reject science, embrace the world of gods and angels preferably a Christian world and by all means revel in your ignorance. You know more than the eggheads will ever know because, after all you, are a true believer. To hell with nuance and shades of gray, you are black and white man and god is on your side.

And let’s face it, verifiable and testable results are not your norm but are rather the tools of subjugation utilized by the atheist scientists. Your norm is the rejection of science and medicine wherever it conflicts with your god-view. So if a home schooled eleven year-old girl dies of a diabetic shock because her fundamentalist parents believe more in prayer than insulin, so be it. Such is your influence that in Wisconsin there is a statue protecting such child abusive behavior. Wisconsin state statute 948.03(6) provides an exemption from the law against failing to act to protect children from bodily harm for what is referred to as “Treatment through prayer.” The statute says: “A person is not guilty of an offense under this section solely because he or she provides a child with treatment by spiritual means through prayer alone for healing in accordance with the religious method of healing … in lieu of medical or surgical treatment.”

Now if you are a normal, all American, family loving kind of guy or gal this sort of law should raise some type of proverbial red flag for you. While you have been sleeping the religious wackos have been working with our sycophant, pandering politicians and have been quietly subverting our laws and making the world save for family child abusers. Then again, you are probably more concerned about the latest puppy mill scandal on Oprah than you are about that eleven-year old girl who recently died. Such is our world where the pious get absolved of sin and yet they get to cast aspersions about everybody else who differs with their strange world view. Such is the world of the Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed followers, where they want to extend this type wacky rationale and thinking into our public schools and all in the name of fair play!

Remember, Intelligent Design as depicted in Expelled is not a science and if this continues to spread and infect our future generations expect to read more headlines like the one in Wassau, Wisconsin. You may be okay with that daunting prospect but I am not going to ignore that young girl’s smell of death.


The Hoax – Movie Starring Richard Gere

I had the opportunity the other night to watch the “Hoax” starring Richard Gere. Depending on your age, you may or may not know the true story about Clifford Irving’s claim as to having the access and the autobiographical rights to the mysterious billionaire Howard Hughes and his life story. Actually, for many of you Howard Hughes is simply the weirdo Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed in the Scorsese film “The Aviator”. However, back in the seventies Hughes was one of the few bona-fide billionaires that people had some knowledge about before today’s era of the celebrity watch. That is not to say there were no celebrity watches but that was the exclusive purvey of the tabloids and not of the mainstream news.

Anyway, the point is that Clifford Irving claims to have perpetuated his hoax on the publishing industry because of the shoddy way they treated his original writings. Like all writers they didn’t give him any respect for his work and Clifford automatically assumed that the publishing industry consisted mainly of idiots and fools. So think of the Hoax as the ultimate revenge film by an author and you can enjoy the message from this engrossing film.


Welcome to Millennium Writing!

This is my first post about the art of writing and the trials and tribulations of finding an audience in the new Web 2.0 world. First, let me introduce myself as Erik John Bertel, the writer and narrator of Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot. Flores Girl is an adventure trilogy I have been writing for the past two years. The first book, the Children God Forgot is complete and currently available as a free Podcast at I am over four hundred pages into the sequel and have also begun work on the third and final novel in the series.

My blogging energies will be divided between the challenges of writing good fiction and the larger task of marketing those very same writings. Frankly writing fiction is fun, marketing is far more challenging and far less than fun.

Erik John Bertel

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