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Why There Are No Expelled and Ben Stein Bootlegs

There is an easy way to measure the success of any studio movie and that is by measuring how many bootleg copies there are out there on the street. You know think Jerry Seinfeld and they range in quality from pre-studio release copies to poor copies taken by Kramer wannabes. In comparison, copies of Iron Man have already hit the street. Now, before some reader goes off on a rant, let me set the record straight about bootlegs. I actually go to the movies or rent from Blockbuster on a weekly basis and if it’s a visually stunning movie. buy a legit copy for my own personal use. Why? I am a video and audiophile with a home theater and enjoy the sights and sounds of a good movie. Bootleg copies of movies are often of wildly varying quality and in almost all cases they don’t meet my exacting standards. Yes, I am one of those weirdos that play with different brands of HDMI cables.

With that said, I have to be honest with you there was no way I was going to spend $20 and give that money to the ICR, Institute of Creation Research, to watch Expelled. Plus, I would never subject my wife to an hour and half of this drivel, her time is too precious and she would kill me if I did. Moreover, I don’t go to the movies alone, its has been a couples ritual for me during the entirety of my life and I am certainly not changing my ways for Expelled and Ben Stein.

So I have been looking for a bootleg copy to watch to make my comments on this blog but guess what? There are no bootlegs, the street vendors don’t have any copies nor is it available online as a valid torrent. I even noticed that most of the major movie critics have kept away from reviewing this masterpiece as well (no, your pastor doesn’t count!).

Why? Supply and demand baby, nobody wants to see Ben Stein drone on about the horrors of Darwinism save a handful of religious fundamentalists and conservative gadflies. The rest of the silent majority is too busy trying to figure how we can afford to fill our cars with a tankful of gas, thank you Mr. George Bush. The gross to date, a month after the release of Expelled, is just shy of $7.5 M, not exactly Michael Moore territory for a documentary. So much for a Creationist’s revolution in the United States and things will not fare much better for this crowd with the fall presidential election. You can already hear the yawns!

Erik John Bertel

Authors of Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot

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Expelled And Ben Stein’s Hate Mongering

This is the part of the ID argument that is disingenuous.  “It’s also true that the theory (evolution) lends itself to justify atheism, abortion, euthanasia, and eugenics” –as Stein points out. Here is another quote from Mr. Stein, “Love of God and compassion and empathy leads you to a very glorious place, and science leads you to killing people. 

Basically, Expelled, or should I say Ben Stein, tarnishes all Darwinists and evolutionists as maniacal murderers responsible for the worst atrocities of man.  Linking Hitler and Darwinism is basically a specious argument, after all how many Christian Germans prayed to God that Hitler would triumph?  Should we equate Christianity with the Nazis too? That’s stupid and simplistic, right?  Or do we just ignore the previous two thousand years of anti-Semitism in Europe and assume it had it had no impact on the holocaust or do we blame all Christians for the camps? Again, that’s a simplistic answer or do we assume the world was a Garden of Eden before Charles Darwin?

To quote the Anti-Defamation League:  The film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed misappropriates the Holocaust and its imagery as a part of its political effort to discredit the scientific community which rejects so-called intelligent design theory.  Hitler did not need Darwin to devise his heinous plan to exterminate the Jewish people and Darwin and evolutionary theory cannot explain Hitler’s genocidal madness. Using the Holocaust in order to tarnish those who promote the theory of evolution is outrageous and trivializes the complex factors that led to the mass extermination of European Jewry.”

I believe that you can be a Christian and a Darwinist, too.   To me, one is science and the other is faith and they each have their place in life, one in a class room, the other in a church. If ID is truly a valid scientific theory then win the debate within the scientific journals through peer review not in the court of public opinion (and please don’t give me that nonsense that the ID proponents lost their jobs, that was basically a Michael Moore liberty if I ever saw one.) This is how science advances and why should the mechanism change just because proponents of ID have lost the debate a 100 years ago?  This is not about free speech, this is about science. To date, the arguments of irreducible complexity are not enough to allow ID to stand as a valid scientific theory.  And even if it was what can you do with it as theory?  What predictive models will come from ID other than to ask us to marvel at god’s handiwork?

Here’s a quote from my site that Jason provided from St. Augustine:

“For then, to defend their utterly foolish and obviously untrue statements, they will try to call upon Holy Scripture for proof and even recite from memory many passages which they think support their position, although they understand neither what they say nor the things about which they make assertion. [1 Timothy 1.7]“

Erik John Bertel
Author of Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot and the Blog


Retarded Creationists Fire Back on Expelled the Movie Criticism

I tell you I get all kinds. The following rambling diatribe and its collective pearls of wisdom is kind of a norm for some of these Creationist folks. Let’s have a look at what we are dealing with in this classic comment from the retarded form of religion as Dr. Dawkins likes to call it (his words, not mine but more on those unfortunate words a little later in this piece) :

You forget this nation was founded on fundamental Christian principles reaped from the Word of God, the Bible, and the one and only God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. America was not founded to worship other gods and, in fact, God commands us not to worship any other gods nor even let their names come out of our mouths. It sounds all well and good to allow everyone in America to worship anyone they please no matter how pagan and wicked, but that is man’s idea and not God’s.

Cool, he’s anti-American as well! You know he reports to a higher authority like the voices in his head. Wait, there’s more:

God nearly destroyed Israel because of their turning to heathen gods and He’s going to do the same thing to America. He likens running to another god to a bride becoming a prostitute.

Okay, so if you don’t believe in his god you are some sort of a theological slut! No way, I’m a marketing slut and damn proud of it, so please visit my Flores Girl Podcast as Podiobooks, just click on the chick in the jungle on your right! But I digress…

So it is not so weird that the majority of Americans believe they were created by and in the image of God. Yet the Christians are called the idiotic and stupid ones. No, it is the minority of atheists and heathens who have tried to take over a Christian nation who are the ignorant ones and America is finally getting fed up with it. The Christians have been told to sit down and shut up but that time is over. We will no longer be oppressed and run over by a minority group of people trying to convince us we evolved from an ape when in fact we were created just a little lower than the angels.

Folks there you have it, on the spiritual evolutionary scale we are just a notch below the angels. And that small minority groups sounds suspiciously like those pesky Jews. Watch out Ben Stein, you’re next with this crowd! And now for the grand finale:

Maybe all the evolutists (sic) should go find their own little island somewhere where they can jump through the trees and eat bananas and be like their descendants and leave the normal, sane people here.

Actually, I think most evolutionists will acknowledge that our ancestors were partial to meat-eating. As to his or her sanity I will leave that assessment to the reader but I think this writer just escaped from the polygamist compound in Texas.

And there you have it, another well reasoned and erudite Creationist writing. To be fair I have also reasoned some intelligent, good natured responses from the Intelligent Design crowd. And the pro-evolutionary force is not beyond a little god-baiting and name calling as well. Take for example the evolutionist Dr. Richard Dawkins straight from his acting debut in Expelled and his acerbic comment about where the resistance to evolution is coming from:

“It comes, I’m sorry to say, from religion. And from bad religion. You won’t find any opposition to the idea of evolution among sophisticated, educated theologians. It comes from an exceedingly retarded, primitive version of religion, which unfortunately is at present undergoing an epidemic in the United States. Not in Europe, not in Britain, but in the United States.”

Or how about this bon mot from the good doctor when asked about why we believe in God?

“One suggestion is that the child mind is, for very good Darwinian reasons, susceptible to infection the same way a computer is…”

So how did this virus start in the first place Dr. Dawkins? From God or do all humans have innate longing to follow an alpha male? And you have to admit god is the biggest alpha male you are ever going to find! The point is a scientist can find a hypothesis for every observable human behavior even the ones they believe to be retarded. You don’t have to denigrate the argument about a belief in god into a round of name calling and that borders on the juvenile even for an esteemed scientist. So everybody has their own agenda, including me, so please click on my podcast. Now if you want to make fun of Intelligent Design, well, I am all for it but as for the retarded comment I think that is a bit much. What do you think?

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