Originally, the Millennium Writing blog was all about writing, creativity and the marketing of that creativity. Then the blog has took a strange turn toward the fight against Intelligent design and religious fundamentalists. The goal is to be a beacon of light among the human waves of ignorance regarding evolution, Intelligent Design and now politics. Why? Because the religious right seems intent on crushing individual liberty with their own special brand of ignorance. Now with the presidential election  upon us I feel almost compelled to comment on the candidates and observe their own take on creationism and religious fundamentalism.  And unfortunately, for me, my candidate, John McCain has failed my own litmus test.

As to my own background I have a degree in Biology from the SUNY at Stony Brook and for a time studied physical anthropology. At some point in my life I came to the realization that I didn’t want to teach and charted an entirely new course in life but the love of science and nature has stuck with me nevertheless throughout the years.

Now I spend my days being a computer technology marketing type when I am not combating the dark forces of Intelligent Design. On yeah, in my remaining hours I am also writing a speculative fiction trilogy on the finding of a living Homo floresiensis troop in Indonesia. It’s called Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot.  And yes, the Creationists have attacked my book so consider this blog my counter offensive.  You guessed it, I don’t sleep as much as I should.

Oh, as to my own spiritual and religious beliefs, ah well.., oh, who to hell cares? All I know is I am not about to foist them off upon you and please no more of the tired arguments that evolution is a religion upon itself. Evolutionary theory is a science that is observable and subject to a rigorous scientific methodology. Furthermore, despite all the protestations by the Creationists, it is not a belief system like Intelligent Design. I can and have gone out to the field and collected fossils that are consistent with the theory of Evolution and that are inconsistent with the belief of a 6,000 year old earth. I ask all of the Intelligent Design advocates to do the same for their theories and I will be glad to weigh their evidence and present them a forum for their arguments. I’m looking for physical proof of your theories, you know like the bones of an angel or perhaps the proverbial bunny-rabbit fossil in a Precambrian rock. Come on give me something solid and not just your tired arguments. I want bones or proof that god did it! And, no quotes from the bible won’t cut it! That’s why they call it faith.

 (Insert sound of crickets here!)

That’s not happening, am I right?

Enjoy the Presidential elections!

Erik John Bertel

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